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Planed Oak Collection

The Flamingo Specials Planed Oak Collection has become a classic! 15 different color oils in combination with smoke treatments. A chalk floor to almost black. You can choose from naturel, single or double smoked treatment.

These floors are made ​​with great care and attention and partly by artisanal handicrafts manufactured. Polishing, smoking, aging (if wanted) and finishing of each individual plank is an authentic craft. Because these floors are sanded, the oil is better included into the wood. This automatically means that the floor is maintenance friendly.
In this age of mass production -Planed Oak- flooring distinguishes itself from other floorings by a very high, handmade quality and its warm, natural look with beautiful grain-accents.

Planed Oak -01- Kaukasus

Planed Oak -03- Dolomieten

Planed Oak -04- Ardennen

Planed Oak -11- Vogezen

Planed Oak -13- Karpaten

Planed Oak -14- Alpen

Planed Oak -16- Rocky Mountains

Planed Oak -18- Oeral

Planed Oak -19- Andes

Planed Oak -20- Himalaya