Wooden floor on underfloor heating

Contrary to what many people think, a wooden floor goes well with underfloor heating, provided that a number of rules are met. For example, glued floors are ideal for use with all types of underfloor heating, the thickness of the floor is important and especially the type of wood.

Oak is by far the most popular in the Netherlands and this type of wood is perfectly suited for use on underfloor heating, but also floor cooling. More sensitive types of wood such as beech, maple and Jatoba are not recommended.

As mentioned, the thickness of the wooden floor is important; we are talking about thermal resistance. The lower the heat resistance, the higher the efficiency. The thermal resistance for the floor may be a maximum of 0,13 (m2K/W). The heat resistance is therefore lower if the wood is thinner. There are several types of underfloor heating.

For example, we distinguish between wet (conventional underfloor heating), dry construction systems with water pipes, milled dry construction systems, infrared systems and finally electric underfloor heating. The real parquet specialist shops can tell you everything about the most suitable solution for your situation.

In addition to choosing the right underfloor heating system, one more thing is very important and unfortunately this is often forgotten or dismissed as less important: the relative humidity in the home. This one is critical; after all, wood is a hygroscopic material that shrinks and expands as a result of changing conditions.

It is important to keep the relative humidity between 50 and 60% throughout the year. This is not only better for the floor, but also for you. A healthy indoor climate is therefore very important. The purchase of a hygrometer in combination with a humidifier is therefore a must.

Nowadays, new homes are increasingly being delivered with underfloor heating in combination with floor cooling. Wooden floors that can be laid on underfloor heating also go well with floor cooling, but it is important that condensation monitoring is present.

Our wooden floors are 100% suitable for use on underfloor heating and/or floor cooling.

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December 7, 2022 |

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